Every month, we like to take a little time out to celebrate people that help to shape the jewellery industry. Durston Tools are used by hobby and professional jewellers and jewellery brands across the globe. We are proud that our tools are central to some of the world’s most precious fine jewellery collections and this week we pay homage to some of the incredibly talented fine jewellers and jewellery houses who use Durston Tools to craft their creations.


Graff is more than a jeweller’s, it is a design House, a gem emporium, hope to some of the world’s rarest gemstones. For the Graff family, precious gemstones are in their DNA; Graff family members call upon more than fifty years of experience in the process of designing and overseeing the creation of  jewellery, from the moment a gemstone is sustainable sourced, through the cutting and polishing of each stone, to the creation of the final product. Quite literally, no stone is left unturned in Graff House’s pursuit of perfection, which is what makes jewellery created and designed by Graff master craftsmen among the most admired and coveted in the world.

Ana Verdun Jewellery

Born to Argentinian parents, raised in Venezuela, then educated in classical jewellery in Lima, London and Barcelona, Ana Verdun’s diversity is matched only by her skill. Ana sources inspiration from ancient symbols, cultures and beliefs, and the natural world to create jewellery that is at once contemporary, classic and timeless. Featuring the finest gemstones, mixed precious metals and organic silhouettes, Ana’s designs are distinctive for their bold opulence and rich hues. Each piece is designed to be loved and worn today and cherished for generations and crafted using Durston Tools.


There is no doubt about it, jewellery, and the choosing and wearing of every piece of jewellery, from costume to fine pieces, is infinitely personal. And it doesn’t get more personal than Vashi, where people can create their own piece of jewellery from a choice of stones, styles and metals. With robust sustainability and ethics policies and an incredible hand-picked selection of gemstones, Vashi’s teams of designers work with each customer to make the jewellery of their dreams. AS always, we are in awe of every jeweller’s creativity and skill in achieving the perfect balance between aesthetics and alchemy, but to take a customer’s dream and make it a reality is truly special.

Jewellers love Durston Tools because they are functional, practical and last for years. As always, it is an honour to witness the incredible pieces that have been created using our tools, knowing that they will be loved for years to come.

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