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Planishing tools, doming tools and dapping tools from Durston Tools! Each has been created to help you form your work faster, easier and more consistently.

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Dapping sets, doming sets and planishing sets from Durston Tools.

Dapping sets, doming sets and planishing sets from Durston Tools. Over the last few years, Durston Tools have invested heavily in new equipment and now manufacture a very large, broad range of forming tools. The Durston Dapping Set was first introduced in 2009 and is now the most popular dapping set in the world. Since this time we have also expanded our product range to provide equipment, for example, Doming Sets, Dapping Blocks, Dapping Cutters. Our planishing sets include an exceptionally produced Anvil manufactured to the finest quality. Made from hardened steel for strength and durability and then polished to perfection. Planishing sets consist of eight planishing pieces in various shapes plus an additional 5 pieces which are either domed or flat depending on the set you purchase. All pieces fit into our very innovative metal carrying holder. Our doming sets are manufactured to the finest quality and consist of hardened, ground and highly polished punches and dapping blocks. Our sets are designed to last you a lifetime. They are made to achieve perfect results.