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Professional Jeweller’s Workbench

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The Professional Workbench from Durston Tools. Beautifully made from eco-friendly materials with a solid hardwood top creating a super-strong work surface to give a lifetime of use. The Professional Bench also features a removable hardwood bench peg, arm rests, mandrel holes with lots of useful storage, and an additional pull-out working area.

  • Perfect sized Durable Hardwood Worktop with a retaining surround
  • Pull-out Arm Rests
  • Removable Bench Peg
  • Pull-out additional work area / catch tray with rear shelf
  • 3 Storage Drawers
  • 1 Large Pull-out Tray Draw with Galvanised Base
  • Side Mounted Tool Holder
  • Arrives pre-built (excluding legs)
  • Made from Quality Hardwood (some non structural parts made with HDF)

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