Jewellery workbenches from Durston Tools. Each workbench has been designed and built to give you the perfect home for your jewellery work, providing a stable and reliable environment.

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SKU:  1923

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SKU:  1912-EX-1

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SKU:  1917-EX-1

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SKU:  1950-EXphoto

Jeweller's Workbenches

The Jeweller's Workbench range from Durston Tools provides the ultimate work-space for professional use. Offering exceptional quality, these superbly designed workbenches carry all the hallmarks of Durston Tools' attention to detail. Rest assured each workbench comes with multi-transit packaging, guaranteeing safe and damage-free delivery to your door. The Jeweller's Workbench range is part of Durston Tools' award-winning range of products available since 1961.