Looking for cheap rolling mills that don’t compromise on quality? Then read on…

Durston Tools has a reputation for producing the best rolling mills in the jewellery industry, not necessarily cheap rolling mills. We invest in our design process to ensure that they give years of reliable service and create and source components that are second to none. They are designed to be the workhorse of professional jewellery studios and factories. However, we understand that whilst this no-compromise approach results in a best-in-market product, it does carry a premium price.

Over the last few years, our design and manufacturing team have been charged with creating a powered rolling mills range and a manual range that has the same standards as our core product ranges, but which reduces cost where we can in order to offer a more affordable range of mills. We are thrilled to say that they have succeeded in this mission, and have created the budget conscious Agile manual rolling mills range and the TUI powered range. Durston has also recently launched a 0% interest-free credit option to help spread the cost over 12 months.


The Manual Rolling Mill Range For The Price Conscious

The Agile rolling mills range comes from the same stable as the bestselling DRM manual mill range. We have found cost savings through creating lighter, thinner frames, but where the mill needs its strength, it’s still designed to support the load without any compromise on quality. Also, a simple, traditional T-bar replaces the hand wheel.

The Agile range comes in combination mills, wire and flat mills like our DRM range, but the Agile range saves costs through two specially constructed gears to make rolling even smoother rather offering a reduction gearbox. The Agile range also saves you money by not featuring side extensions. That being said, everything else is designed and manufactured to give the same results as our core DRM range.

The bearings are self-lubricating and completely maintenance-free and the bearing blocks are fully supported to give the best possible rolled finish. The rolls themselves are induction hardened to 64 RC. The Agile mill also includes key safety features including a protective guard around the top gears.

If you are looking for a reliable rolling mills whilst working to a budget, the Agile range could be right for you.



The Value Powered Rolling Mill Range

If you are in the market for powered rolling mills but are working to a budget, then look no further than our new TUI powered mill range. Our design team started with our bestselling DRM powered mills range and then looked to see how we could reduce the cost for you whilst not compromising on quality.

Where it matters, the same components are used from the Core DRM range, such as the actual mills, rolls and casting gears. The cost savings are made by replacing the steel gearbox with an aluminium one, replacing the cast iron plate and main guard with steel and by having one central emergency stop button instead of two.

As with all Durston Tools powered mills, the TUI range has variable speeds, as standard, in forward and reverse plus two sets of extension rollers securely stored behind plastic guards. Digitally controlled variable speeds from 5 to 20 RPM means you have complete control over each roll. The same standards of production and manufacturing are applied to the TUI range as you have come to expect from Durston Tools range.

The TUI range comes in four models; the combination mill, a dedicated wire mill, a flat version and a highly flexible double mill model. The double mill offers dedicated sides for wire milling and flat rolling. The TUI Rolling Mill range from Durston Tools creates the same quality and output you expect from Durston Tools powered mills but at a lower cost. Still not sure which mill is right for you? Check out our mill section guide in seven questions.


3 thoughts on “Looking For A Cheaper Rolling Milling?

    • Rob Passmore says:

      Hi Wayne. Yes the Agile 165 does have a reduction gearbox. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    • Rob Passmore says:

      Hi Wayne. Yes, the Agile 165 does have a reduction gearbox. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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