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Durston Tools’ Agile rolling mill range is our low-cost mill range. We hold true to our ethos of quality and attention to detail, but strip back some functionality and expense and pass this saving on to you.

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Agile Rolling Mills from Durston Tools

The Agile Rolling Mills Range is a top quality manufacturing tool range. The all-new Agile rolling mills are a special edition to the range of Durston Tools' rolling mills, coming from the same stable as the DRM C100 RE. They are lighter than the DRM range by having finer frames, yet are designed to support the load without any compromise on quality. A traditional T-bar replaces the hand wheel, and the rolls are especially induction hardened to 64 RC and the main barrel to a depth of 6mm ensuring your rolls last a lifetime. The Agile range bearing blocks are fully supported, and the bearings are self-lubricating and completely maintenance-free. The heavy duty 4-1 gearbox is unrivalled in the industry and makes turning effortless. Behind the cover, you will find two additional gears to make rolling even smoother. Safety features include a protective guard around the top gears. The Agile Rolling Mill range; part of Durston Tools' award-winning range of products available since 1961.