Why (Ring) Size Does Matter

Gold, silver, platinum, diamond-encrusted, wedding band – whatever ring you are planning on crafting, ideally you want it to fit afterwards! Rings that are too small can be uncomfortable for the wearer, and can even lead to swelling and issues with circulation. Rings that are too big will slip on and off, they could easily get caught on something or fall off and get lost.


Measuring Up – Ring Gauges

It might sound odd, but a finger can change size slightly. Your finger could swell in warm weather, or shrink a little in the cool air or cold water. It’s not a bad idea to check a ring size more than once (just to be sure)! When you’re trying to ascertain a size, we recommend using the right tool for the job – a ring set with accurate ring gauges.


A ring set will help you to make sure you get the right fit. Once upon a time wrapping a strip of paper around a finger may have been considered be quick and easy – but the measurements weren’t always spot-on (paper can easily lose its form).


Instead, use a quality ring set -make sure it conforms to International Standard ISO 8653, and look for a set that’s machined well and hardened. Your ring set should also have a faultless finish if you want to measure with 100% accuracy.


Ring Sizes – UK Versus USA

Just to complicate matters ring sizes can vary from country to country. There are ring size conversion tables available to help you out should you need it. The UK uses letters to size rings, starting with A and going through to Z. Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Africa also use this system. The U.S.A and Canada adopt a different system – using numbers to identify ring sizes rather than letters.


Forming and Sizing Your Ring – The Mandrel

Cylindrical tools used to round metal; mandrels come in various sizes. The ring mandrel is designed to help you to correctly shape and size your ring. Whether you’re an individual jeweller working in your garage workshop or are kitting out large jewellery workshop and store, a mandrel is an essential piece of kit.

You can opt for an unmarked mandrel, ideal for rounding the metal, or a ring mandrel complete with grooved ring sizes marked on. Mandrels come in different sizes, and are made of different materials. There are lightweight mandrels (ideal for busy showrooms, and heavier mandrels – great for backroom workshops).


A Precision Fit

Not too big, not too small – the fit should be spot on. You’re seeking a precision fit or your ring, and luckily there’s a tool for that – Durston Tools’ PrecisionFit™. Choose from the USA (1-16) ring size marked ring sizing system or the UK version (size A-Z). Both share the same reputation for being the most accurate ring sizing system in the world, providing perfect sizing between mandrels and rings. PrecisionFit™ is designed to make life easier, no constant checking between a ring sizer and mandrel – the gauges and mandrels are manufactured to International Standard ISO 8653.


Put a Ring on It – Just Make Sure It Fits!

Here at Durston Tools we’re keen to help you put a ring on it and we want to make sure you size it to fit. Check out our PrecisionFit™ USA and PrecisionFit™ UK ring sizing tools. Take a look at our ring jewellery tools and don’t forget our range of mandrels too.


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