Creating the right space in which to work can make an incredible difference to the quality and effectiveness of your jewellery making.

We know how focused our designers can get on creating work and hours can easily slip by; it is crucial that your environment is designed and laid out so you can do this both with comfort and efficiency.

From ergonomic seating to the right workbench, from flicker-free lighting to having your tools within easy reach, we’ll guide you through making the perfect place for your production, whether you are a professional jeweller or hobbyist.

1. It starts with the right workbench

Let’s start with your main work surface; the bench. It critical that it’s designed specifically for the purpose. Durston Tools has a range of workbenches, ranging from our student line through to our superior oak workbenches. 

Student workbenches

Our student workbench range comes in three models and each provides a solid and functional environment for you to work at.  They each include mandrel holders, bench pegs as well as the worktop having a rail to make sure that nothing falls off.  The models vary through worktop thickness and the new 1199C model which also has a practical leatherette apron under the work area.


Professional workbenches

Our more advanced workbenches come in three models. First the Professional Jeweller’s Workbench.  It is beautifully crafted from an eco-friendly hardwood creating a super strong work surface to give a lifetime of use. The high railings around the top edges and sides prevent anything from slipping off. Key features also include three side drawers, providing valuable storage space to keep all your tools and accessories together. Also included is a large central draw which has a base lined with galvanised steel, plus a slide-out centre tray with a cut-out area which also includes a rear shelf.

Next up is our Superior Jeweller’s Workbench.  Constructed from hardwood, a central drawer at the top is complemented by a large catch tray halfway down benefiting from a stainless steel metal liner. The unique solder tray means you’re ready to start work straight away, while pre-drilled holes for mandrels, a bench peg and useful arm supports and a footrest complete this superbly designed workbench. Finally, we have the solid Oak Superior workbench. This is the same design as the hardwood version, but crafted from aged oak to last a lifetime. 


Watch maker workstations

The last workbenches are designed specifically for watchmakers.  Coming in our standard and deluxe models, these workbenches support specially laminated anti-static top surface. They have an easy on the eye colour and include a no-bounce effect when small items are dropped. The soft, forgiving surface allows easy pick up with tweezers.


2. Get the right seat

Once you have the workbench confirmed, it’s time to think about your seating. It needs to provide ergonomic support, give a stable base for working from as well as enabling you to be mobile around the workshop.

The jeweller’s stool

Durston Tools’ seating range starts with our highly popular jeweller’s stool.  
It is beautifully designed with a gleaming chromium frame topped with a robust, solid-moulded 34cm diameter seat for comfort. The stool provides a steadfast floor anchor, keeping you secure in the heart of your work area, while five castors ensure you can move around quickly and freely.

The professional jeweller’s chair

Next up, our  the professional jeweller’s chair which is ergonomically designed with the jeweller in mind to give effective support to your back and thigh.  The high grade moulded seat ensures durability as well as comfort and style and, in fact, carries an eight-hour sit certification. 


Superior jeweller’s chair

Our top of the range chair is our superior chair, carefully constructed from hardwood and high grade faux leather. The arm covers ensure durability as well as comfort and style, and in fact, this superior chair carries an eight-hour sit certification. The seat has a flexible lift height ranging from 48cm to 57cm. In addition, it has a tilt and rock position or the position could be fixed, while the wheels ensure you can deploy the chair quickly and easily whatever you’re doing. It really is the ultimate jeweller’s chair!


3. Let there be light!

Once you have the workbench and the seating sorted, next you need to make sure you have right lightling.  Durston Tools provides the perfect lighting solutions for your jewellery workshop, ranging from dimmable LED lights to magnifiers and task lights.  We’ll help minimise your eye strain and glare plus our energy-saving designs include eye-care cover for your comfort.  

Lastly, a few more products to finish off your work area

Workbench, tick. Chair, tick. Lighting, tick. But how about storage and providing a secure base for your mills and tools? Look no further than our storage range and tool holders.


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