Our Rolling Mills come in different variations and follow this simple code:

“C”:  Combination
“CO”: Corrugated
“F”: Flat
“R”: Round
“W”: Wire

Rolling Mills

Rolling mills for jewellers and goldsmiths are in Durston Tools' blood; we have been designing and manufacturing them since 1961. We are the number 1 global leader in jewellery tooling, and all our rolling mills have been created to last a lifetime.Whether you are looking for a manual jewellers' rolling mills or a powered rolling mill, we have your options covered. We have ranges to match your budget; from our entry level Agile range to our best-selling DRM range, Durston has a reputation for excellence, attention to detail and durability. We ensure that we craft each mill with great skill and considerable effort. Our combination jeweller's mills enable you to roll wire as well as metal sheets, or you can go with a dedicated flat or a wire rolling mill. You can buy online with complete peace of mind or purchase via our global network of dealers, who will be happy to assist you also. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our support team.