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Spinning Ring Flarer Kit

£33.00 exc. VAT

Durston’s original Spinning Ring Flarer is now available as a kit, complete with both 45° and 60° flarers. This kit enhances your ability to create spinning rings with precision and ease.

  • Dual Flaring Angles: Includes 45-degree and 60-degree flarers for versatile ring designs.
  • Even Flaring: Achieves perfectly even flares every time, eliminating the need for hammering.
  • User-Friendly: Simple to use; secure in a vice, insert the band, and tighten to desired flaring.
  • Ring Compatibility: Suitable for rings with an inside diameter of 13mm – 28mm and a minimum width of 10mm for a z size ring.
  • Size Range: Covers UK sizes E to Z+6 and US sizes 2 to 16.

Perfectly equal flared edges for making spinning rings every time with no hammering.