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Lucinda Easy Roll C130 Rolling Mill

£1,568.00 exc. VAT

Introducing the Lucinda Easy Roll C130 from Durston Tools, a Patent Pending, cutting-edge addition to the world of jewellery making. This revolutionary design rolling mill integrates the trusted qualities of our original DRM series with our amazing new Easy Roll gearbox, a world’s first in technology, offering an unmatched combination of speed and ease.

  • Our latest Revolutionary 15-to-1 Gearbox: The Lucinda Easy Roll C130 is equipped with an innovative 15-to-1 gearbox, striking the perfect balance between rapid operation and effortless handling.
  • Optimised for Efficiency: Designed to enhance productivity, this rolling mill reduces manual effort while delivering precise results, making it ideal for a variety of metalworking tasks.
  • Versatile Rolling Capabilities: With 11 Square Wire Rolling Grooves and a 75mm flat rolling area, the Lucinda Easy Roll C130 is adept at handling diverse design requirements.
  • Side Extensions: The side extensions include 4 Half Round Grooves (4 to 1.5mm).
  • Built to Last: Durston’s signature solid single-cast body and induction-hardened rolls ensure that the Lucinda Easy Roll C130 remains a reliable tool for years to come.
  • Space-Efficient and Adaptable: Its compact design makes it a suitable addition to any workshop, maximizing space without compromising on functionality.
  • Precision and Quality: The 60mm diameter rolls, with a total width of 130mm (75mm / 55mm), are engineered for accuracy and quality, catering to both intricate and robust metalworking projects.