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Durston Tumbler Pro

£281.00 exc. VAT

Introducing the Durston Pro Tumbler, your reliable choice for efficient and precise jewellery finishing. With its 120-minute timer and variable speed control, this machine is a solid addition to any workshop.

  • 120-Minute Timer: Perfect for all jewellery tasks, allowing you to set and forget.
  • Variable Speed Control: Tailor the tumbling speed to your project’s needs.
  • Hexagonal Drum: Ensures even tumbling for a consistent finish.
  • 1.1L Capacity Tank: Ample space for multiple pieces, ideal for busy workshops.
  • Additional Drums Available: Multiple drums for extra flexibility.
  • Dual Voltage: Versatile operation with both 110V and 230V power supplies.
  • Robust Construction: Features a durable cast metal body for long-lasting use.
  • Durston Tumbling Media: Use with Durston’s range of tumbling shots.
  • Maximum Load: 1.5kg (Including Media)