For years, the art of jewellery making was a master craft, the fine details of which were only accessible to an elite few. The rise of vlogging (video blogging) has brought jewellery making techniques to a broader audience. The result? A huge array of talent and increased competition within the jewellery industry, which has led to increased need for beautiful designs and outstanding quality.  Here are some of Durston tools’ favourite jewellery vloggers:

The Jewellers’ Academy – Jessica Rose

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but would it make such a splash in the jewellery world? A lover of all things sparkly, Jessica launched The London Jewellery School in 2009, alongside her inaugural jewellery brand. From the Jewellery School, the Jewellery School Online was born which, today, is known as The Jewellers’ Academy; a place for jewellers all over the world to come together, share successes, challenges, and learn. With more than 42,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and a glittering array of awards (including NatWest everywoman Business Award, Professional Jeweller Hot 100, HP Smart Business Award, Smarta 100), Jessica Rose is a true force within the jewellery world.

At The Bench Jewellery – Andrew Berry

With thirty years’ experience making and selling jewellery, Andrew Berry has an unrivalled knowledge of the tools, techniques and trends that have come and gone over the years. He has set up jewellery businesses, consulted with large-scale manufactures, and created jewellery for celebrities. There is no doubt that his expertise is in high demand, which is why he created At The Bench Jewellery, an affordable, online training site for all jewellers committed to their professional development; from fledgling jewellers to experienced jewellers who are not afraid of learning something new. At The Bench subscribers can benefit from world-class tutorials in their own studio, from less than £10 a month.

Beadaholique – Chris Bellomo and Sarah Diamond

It all started in 1999, with a shoebox, under a bed, in Santa Monica. Sarah Diamond, self-confessed bead addict, was selling her beads on eBay to fellow bead lovers. Chris Bellomo saw what Sarah was doing and realised that they were onto something big. A shoebox and dozens of little brown envelopes became a filing cabinet and hundreds of envelopes, which became a warehouse with an e-commerce site, which became a YouTube channel with nearly half a million subscribers. Fuelling the bead passion of hobbyists and jewellers in 85 countries across the globe, Beadaholique celebrates the versatility of the humble bead. The fact that Chris and Sarah are so committed to sharing a kaleidoscope of beads and techniques across price points and styles, with jewellery makers of all sizes, makes them one of our favourite jewellery vloggers.

Who is your go-to jewellery vlogger? Let us know!

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