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Pen Plater Pro Bundle

£455.50 exc. VAT

Save 10% with the Pen Plater Pro Start Up Bundle, This Professional Pen Plating System can be used with a wide range of metals including, silver, gold and platinum, also copper, brass, aluminium and many other metals will get perfect plating results. Our dual output system allows up to two pens to be connected at the same time with independently controlled voltages, perfect for working with 2 different solutions and different materials. This Bundle includes everything you need to get started, including 2 pens, 3 x Pen Plating Solutions and 10 Pen Tips.

  • Professional Pen Plating System
  • Dual output system with fully adjustable voltage
  • 2.2v – 17.7v voltage range
  • 2-channel, independently operated pen system
  • Inverted voltage display for increased visibility
  • Quick and easy setup

Bundle Includes…

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