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Molly™ F165 Rolling Mill

£2,294.00 exc. VAT

Meet Olivia’s Big Sister, The Molly F165 Rolling Mill. The Molly F165 Rolling Mill has all the same amazing features as the Olivia but has the increased flexibility of a wider flat rolling area. Now you can have the benefits of the 50:1 Gearbox with a much larger rolling area. The new, easy glide gearbox allows for an even wider range of people to operate a rolling mill with ease.

Standing or sitting, this rolling mill is a joy to use for all abilities and, of course, still offers all the quality you would expect from Durston.

UK Patent Pending # 2010974.0
International Patent Pending # PCT/EP2021/068551

Molly ™ F165 Combination Rolling Mill

  • Operated with ease standing or sitting using the front turning wheel
  • 50-to-1 reduction gearbox
  • Side extension with 4 half round grooves (4 to 1.5mm)
  • Exclusively Flat 165mm Rolls
  • Roll diameter 60mm

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