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Hobby 80

£297.00 exc. VAT

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Introducing the HOBBY 80 Rolling Mill – an exciting and innovative addition to our lineup, meticulously designed to cater to the needs of both beginners venturing into the world of jewellery making and seasoned professionals looking for a reliable and high-quality tool. This versatile rolling mill promises to revolutionise your jewellery-making experience, combining user-friendly features with the exceptional durability and performance that Durston is renowned for.

  • Durable Construction and Accessible Price: Developed to help jewellers and beginners get an affordable rolling mill instead of buying a cheaply made product that will not last.
  • Precision Engineering and Durston Quality: Ensures reliable performance and longevity at an affordable price.
  • 80mm Flat Rollers: Providing a generous flat rolling area for various jewellery projects to to – Max thickness 4mm.
  • 3-1 Ratio Gearbox: Ensures efficient and consistent operation, making the rolling process smoother and easier.
  • One-Piece Cast Iron Construction: Delivers unmatched strength and stability, enhancing the mill’s durability and lifespan.
  • Precision-Hardened Rolls: The rolls are precision-hardened and ground to 64RC, paired with maintenance-free bearings.
  • Combination Roller Available as Additional Option: Offering enhanced versatility for various jewellery-making tasks.

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