There is no doubt that technology has made the world much smaller. And when it comes to jewellery making, this is no bad thing. Jewellers from around the world use Durston Tools because they know that we make the best. Artisans form a unique community of people looking to learn, inspire and create. And via social media. People have the potential to influence their industry, whatever that may be. We would like to take a little time to focus on a few vloggers who we think help to shape the jewellery making industry today. Here are this month’s top jewellery vloggers:

Dave Wilson – Celtic Dreams

Like many great ideas, Celtic dreams was born from a gap in the market. During the late ‘90s, Dave Wilson was looking for a traditional Celtic bangle and was sorely disappointed by the mass-produce, cast products on offer. Eventually, he found a handcrafted bracelet in a small, independent jewellers but the experience got him thinking….. A lot of research and a soldering course later, and Dave was making his own Celtic jewellery meticulously, by hand, just as it should be. And so, Celtic Dreams was born. Dave learnt his craft before the days of YouTube, but he uses film to share the myriad techniques that he has devised over the years with other jewellery makers. In this way, Dave is using modern technology to keep a traditional craft very much alive; with nearly 38,000 subscribers and over a million hits, his YouTube channel makes him one of our great vloggers.

Jocelyn – Fantasia in Elegance

Proving that you can take something simple and make it intricate, mesmerising and beautiful is Jocelyn of Fantasia in Elegance. Sourcing inspiration from medieval fantasy, Jocelyn uses wire and precious stones, bringing exotic creatures and classic silhouettes to life. The fluid form of her wire creations add an extra dimension to her art and her time lapses and tutorials are captivating to watch; you can literally see a beautiful piece of jewellery take form from a pencil sketch. It is not surprising, then, that her YouTube channel has amassed over 110,000 followers. Jocelyn brings her craft to the masses and appeals to a broad audience of jewellery makers and jewellery lovers, which is what makes her one of our key influencers this month.

Stuart and Chris – Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

Any jewellery brand with the strapline “Uniting the world one bead at a time” has got to be considered an influencer. Born of a passion for southwestern turquoise and lapidary work, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads started small in the 1970s in Stuart’s garage. The business evolved, and Chris and Stuart soon realised that there were very few resources relating to the art of bead making. And so they commissioned the Beadmaker’s Handbook, which also served as their inaugural catalogue. Four decades later and the company employees an estimated 20,000 across the globe. They continue to inspire and educate the bead and jewellery communities with their YouTube Channel, which has nearly 70,000 followers. Their success is huge and far reaching, and it all started with that one little book…

Who is your go-to jewellery vlogger? Let us know!

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