Whether you are a novice jeweller, a seasoned professional or just starting your jewellery making career, it is important that you look after your back. You are probably prepared to invest in the best quality tools and materials, but too often jewellers overlook their greatest asset: themselves. Jewellery making is an intense process and can take its toll on your body, particularly your back. Here, we take a look Durston Tools jewellers’ chairs and stools to help you find the right one for you.

The Jeweller’s Stool

With five castors, adjustable height and a 34cm-diameter seat, the jeweller’s stool is perfect for a jeweller that likes to move around their workspace with ease.

Seat height: adjustable 40-60cm

Composition: chromium frame, moulded seat.

The Professional Jeweller’s Chair

This ergonomically designed jewellers’ chair has a beautifully moulded seat and backrest to ensure optimal comfort and support. Five castors ensure fluid movement around your workspace, while the adjustable tilt and rock mechanisms allow you to fix your chair in a position that works for you.

Seat height: 48-57cm

Composition: Chromium, moulded

The Classic Jeweller’s Chair

With adjustable height, back support and arm rests, this classic jeweller’s chair is designed to be comfortable, durable and tailored to your frame; perfect for those long days in the studio! With eight hours’ certification and ergonomically designed to support your back and thighs, it is no wonder that this is one of our most popular jewellers’ chairs.

Seat height: 56-75 cm

Composition: Chromium, high-grade faux leather.

The Superior Jeweller’s Chair

If you are inspired by aesthetics, then you need this chair in your life. The handcrafted Superior Jeweller’s Chair looks stunning while delivering the ergonomic technology that makes Durston Tools’ other professional jewellers’ chairs comfortable, functional and durable. It has the five castors for easy manoeuvrability around your studio. It has adjustable height and precise tilt and rocking mechanisms. It has eight-hour sit certification. And it’s red. What more can a jeweller ask for?

Seat height: 48-57 cm

Composition: Wood, high-grade faux leather

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