Last month we took a look at some jewellery brands and designers that have shaped the jewellery industry, helping it to be the thing of beauty that it is today. This week, we would like to introduce you to two more jewellers that inspire us and bring joy to jewellery lovers everywhere. And, of course, they use Durston Tools’ professional tools to make their exquisite designs. 

Erica Sharpe Jewellery

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Erica Sharpe is more than a jeweller. She is an innovator, an artist, an inspirer.

With more than three decades’ experience, Erica is a fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths, a qualified gemmologist and has a distinction in the Gem A’s Diamond Diploma. Erica sources inspiration from the natural world, heritage, and her customers to create divine collections and exquisite bespoke pieces.

She is a passionate believer in the ancient craft of goldsmithing, handed down over the centuries from Master to Apprentice, and uses these traditional skills alongside contemporary techniques to produce her handcrafted jewellery. Passionate about provenance, each of Erica’s pieces is personal and has its own story, be it a love of the Cornish coast or the majestic beauty of the swans that grace the grounds of Wells’ Bishop’s Palace. It goes without saying that Erica only uses ethically sourced materials, and that Durston Tools are a feature of her traditional workshop in Somerset.

Harry Winston Jewellery

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If ever there was proof that jewellery designers have lasting legacies, it is Harry Winston. Known as the King of Diamonds, Harry Winston was jeweller to the stars.

Harry started designing jewellery in 1932, in a time when things of beauty were of immense value. His philosophy was simple: each piece was designed around the stone, and not vice versa. This approach to jewellery making transformed the jewellery industry and inspired others to follow suit, opting for simple lines that allowed each stone’s natural radiance to shine through over complex, busier silhouettes. During his illustrious career he created jewellery for high-profile clients; his designs celebrated for their rarity, beauty and uncompromising style.

The businessman, philanthropist and passionate gemmologist died in 1978, but his legacy lives on and Harry Winston jewellery continues to create coveted, iconic jewellery for clients around the globe. As well as amassing a devoted following, Harry Winston has collected some of the finest gemstones in the world, including Jonker, Winston Legacy Diamonds and Hope. We are proud that Harry Winston Jewellery continues to craft their collections using Durston Tools.

Our jewellers’ tools and accessories aren’t just for world-class jewellers; they are for anyone who wants to craft their designs using the best quality, traditional jewellery making tools. Whether you are a learner dabbling at home or a professional with aspirations to reach the dizzy heights of the jewellery world, at Durston Tools, we are proud to provide you with the best tools for the job.

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