Buying a Jeweller’s Workbench

No matter what your work process looks like, a functional and organized workspace is key to any jewelry maker’s productivity. Some people prefer a minimalistic workspace, while others surround themselves with drawers galore, but whether you’ve got a heavy-duty setup or not, your bench should still be solidly-built and high-quality. 


You Have Options

Professional grade benches are going to fall in the £550-600 range, but not every quality workbench requires significant savings. The more expensive workbenches will have all the drawers and bells and whistles, which are necessary for an avid jewelry maker trying to stay as organized and productive as possible. 

If you’re just getting into the hobby and aren’t ready to dive into the commitment of a top-grade bench, that’s okay, too. Durston sells benches crafted specifically for students, which are sturdy and functional but can fit in dorm rooms and small apartments. The Entry Level bench is also a great option for artists who want a comfortable and thoughtful space to create but don’t need the whole nine yards. 


Solid Build

All benches should be built with a 25-millimetre working surface that ensures a sturdy build. They should be made out of a durable material like hardwood for trustworthy stability and a beautiful look. Additionally, one of the most important features in a workbench is a high railing around three edges of the table that is built to keep all of your pieces within your space. 


Ease of Use

Have you ever ordered furniture and then spent half the day trying to figure out how to set it up? Some workbench manufacturers don’t make the setup process user-friendly, so you want to make sure to read reviews and find out if setting up the bench is more work than making the jewelry itself.


A Bench for Watchmaker’s

If you specialize in watch-making, your perfect workbench will look a little different. You probably work with small pieces that are hard to pick up or hold onto, so it’s important to have a bench that is topped off with a specially laminated colored anti-static surface. This material will keep your small pieces from bouncing off the table when you drop them, allow you to easily see any piece you need to pick up, and make it easy to grab pieces with tweezers. A good watchmaker’s bench also has a small safety rail going around the edges of the table so that none of those tiny pieces can slip off and get lost in your carpet or on your floor forever.