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“The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.” – Benjamin Franklin

Mr Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, certainly had a valid point. If you want to excel in your career, or make the most of your job or hobby, you need the right tools. When it comes to the metal forming process you need the right tool to reduce thickness and smooth out your material, and that’s where a rolling mill comes into its own.

Whether you’re a newbie jewellery-maker looking to purchase your first rolling mill, or a doyen of crafting pretty and precious pieces that’s looking to upgrade, a few pointers could come in handy. What type of rolling mill would best suit you? Let’s take a close up look at the DRM rolling mill and the Agile rolling mill.


Reliability and Cost

A popular manual rolling mill, the DRM rolling mill has a steadfast reputation. Known for its reliability, this mill stands up to the rigors of daily use and can be found in many a factory and workshop.

Slightly easier on the pocket, the Agile mill will cost you less. However, we’re pleased to say, that in this case, cheaper doesn’t mean lower quality. The Agile rolling mill simply doesn’t possess as many functions and features at the DRM rolling mill, which accounts for its lower price point.

Weighing It Up

The Agile rolling mill shares many traits with its cousin the DRM rolling mill, however there’s a fundamental difference. The Agile rolling mill is known for its slender frames (thinner than the DRM rolling mill), and this makes the Agile mill much lighter.

Strength and Support

It may be slighter than the DRM rolling mill, but the Agile rolling mill can still offer plenty of support to the load. Instead of a hand-wheel, you will find a T-bar, and the primary roller comprises of five half rounds.

The DRM rolling mill is crafted from one single piece of cast iron and is built with strength and rigor in mind. You can expect the DRM rolling mill to run, and run, and run (and then run some more)!

Finish and Maintenance

The Agile rolling mill has bearing blocks with square grooves, which helps to provide a super finish, and you won’t need to worry about the bearings as they lubricate themselves.

Award Winning Products

The Agile Rolling Mill and the DRM Rolling Mill share a common trait – you can buy both from an award-winning range of products that have been available since 1961. Here at Durston Tools’ Products we take pride in our products, and they are all built to our exceedingly high-standards.

Which Mill is For You?

Why not check out our range of DRM rolling mills and Agile rolling mills for yourself?

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Agile Rolling Mills

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DRM Rolling Mills

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