DURSTON TOOLS wins the Kings Award for International Trade.

Third time winners of this Prestigious award.
Honoured to be one of the elite group in the whole of the UK.
In his majesty’s coronation year.

Matthew Durston Receives the King’s Award: A Journey Through Buckingham Palace

Matthew, Sara and Olivia Durston were invited to Buckingham Palace to receive the King’s Award for Enterprise and International Trade. This prestigious accolade recognises the significant contribution to the industry by Matthew and Sara Durston (Owners) of Durston Tools, plus all of the hard work from the Durston Team.

We had the honour of meeting King Charles III, The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, marking a memorable moment in our lives. The slideshow features glimpses of this special day, capturing Matthew’s journey through the magnificent interior of the palace.

For more exclusive content, head to Matthew’s personal page @matthew.durston, where you’ll discover unseen photos from this significant day.

This special acknowledgment took into account some of our biggest achievements to date. We have achieved growth year on year for over a decade, multi-million dollar sales from our four worldwide warehouses, two in the USA, one in Europe, and our main warehouse here in the UK. As well as our additional manufacturing headquarters based in High Wycombe, Bucks. Owner, Sara Durston who looks after dealer sales said “what an amazing achievement to win such an award and to have such growth from a manufacturing company in the UK.

Durston Tools are so proud to win this award for the third time and Owners, Matthew and Sara Durston acknowledge that this success has been down to the hard work of all of its staff in the UK, USA, and Europe.

Matthew and Sara would like to take this opportunity to thank (in alphabetical order) the following members of the Durston Team – Team Managers of Rolling Mill Assembly Albert T and Witold K, Sales and Support Manager Candice Devine, Commercial Director Chris Butcher, Packing Department and Forming Products Manager Ebrima S, CNC Machinery Manager Fatos X, Accounts Manager Gosia Karnas, Head of Wooden Furniture Graham Butcher, Design Engineer Les Orton, CNC Machining Assistant Mateusz C, Electronics Division Head Norbert R, Head of CNC Grinding Rob W, and Painting Division Matt B.

In the USA they would like to thank – Warehouse Manager Mark Walker, Auriel Durston and their Packing Team.

In Belgium, they would like to thank Cornelious Bishop and his Packing Team.

In addition, they would like to thank all of Durston’s Co-Workers, Colleagues, and Trainees.

Finally, of course, none of this would be possible without all of our loyal customers from around the world. Many going back to the early 1970s!

Finally, finally, and most importantly, none of this would have been possible without Matthew Durston’s Father, William Durston, who made his first Rolling Mill for the jewellery trade in the 1960s and who managed Durston Tools up until 1993 when he semi-retired and moved to Arizona. However, it was Christopher Durston who initially laid the foundations of the engineering firm in the 1960s, providing the platform for what would later become Durston Tools. Even after retiring, William Durston carried on designing and drawing up new products for another 20 years or more! It was in 1993 that Matthew Durston took over the general running of Durston Tools and in 1999 Sara Durston joined the company.

William Durston sadly passed away on 05th October 2021 – For many years William Durston used to say “we should make rolling mills with a higher reduction (easier to roll out precious metals) for the disabled, older and those not so strong (and in fact anyone).” – So in William Durston’s honour Durston will be introducing some special additional Rolling Mills later this year, watch this space!

Again, what an amazing success!

When asked how he felt about winning this prestigious award, Matthew Durston said, “To actually be the main Machinery and Tools supplier in the world for Jewellers and to be recognised for our success”, ”It’s a great feeling”, “There is no other company that manufactures such a wide range of tools for the Jewellery industry than Durston Tools!”

So, what’s next for Durston? even more great new products coming soon!…