UK/USA Held Stock

Durston Tools holds stock in the UK & USA for fast global delivery

We understand the need to fulfil dealer orders promptly so you can effectively manage your stock on hand.   To this end, we now have two warehouses and can offer domestic USA dealer shipment delivery in as little as two days.. 

Our Dealers

Durston Tools works with over 250 tooling outlets spanning 50 countries on six continents.

Our dealers are the heart of our operation, and we are set up to support them every step of the way.  We have flexible commercial terms to fit with your dealership’s stage and scale.  

We have a dedicated dealership & logistic team to support your product selection, orders and to update you on the latest innovations. We have up-to-date product information, images, specifications and videos to enable you to seamlessly promote and sell our products online, in your mail-order brochures and instore. 

Dealer Support

With the speed of change in trade, we are committed to supporting our dealers in an ever-changing commercial landscape.

Trade today is global, and there have never been more ways for a customer to research and purchase the goods and services that they want. To help reflect this new reality, we have worked closely with our dealers to create a set of tools to support our dealers whether they sell over the counter through a single retail outlet, have multiple national branches, sell globally via mail-order or trade exclusively over the internet or via apps.

For each channel, we have the set of tools you need to market and sell Durston Tools successfully. From printed marketing materials to a live XML product feed, and from product videos to print resolution product images, we have the tools to help you compete.


Designed Around Your Needs

Our two dealer accounts are designed to offer you what is most important – be it the best rates if you are able to invest capital in stock or the broadest range with no upfront investment.

You are able to migrate from one account type to another and once your application for an account has been accepted, both account types mean you are an authorised Durston Tools dealership.


Dealership Features

Check out the dealer benefit of working with Durston Tools.